Examinations for DipFHID and DipMoD will take place in 2022.


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Diploma Course in Forensic Medical Sciences

Applications are now open!

We are currently accepting applications for our Diploma course in Forensic Medical Sciences starting this October. Please contact us for further details or to apply!

The course is of relevance to medics, scientists, lawyers or other professionals working in the field or those with background knowledge in forensic medicine and allied specialties. 

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Masters in Forensic Medical Sciences (Including International Perspectives)


Applications are now open!!!

Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences in collaboration with University of Verona, Italy will held the next online Masters degree course in Forensic Medical Sciences in March 2024.

For more information and application, please click here

Pathology of Sharp Force Trauma

Pathology of Sharp Force Trauma is the first substantive book published in English to look exclusively at this subject. Although primarily intended for pathologists and clinicians who are involved in the examination of such injuries in the post-mortem room or in a hospital environment, it will also be of interest to medical examiners, police and criminal investigators, attorneys and legal professionals, personnel in other forensic disciplines, and all doctors and medical students with an interested in trauma and its management.

We have recently posted a news article on the Knife Angel, featured on the cover of this book, which can be found here

Essential Forensic Medicine

Essential Forensic Medicine covers the broad area of the forensic medical sciences, delivering core knowledge in the biomedical sciences, and the law and ethics surrounding them. Concise, accessible chapters cover a wide range of topics from basic forensic identification and examination techniques to forensic toxicology and psychiatry.

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