Diploma Examination in Management of the Dead

Diploma Examination in Management of the Dead

The Diploma is intended to demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the main aspects related to the proper management of deceased persons in all circumstances and environments from when death occurs until lawful disposal and beyond. It also explains the processes involved in ensuring the dead are managed in a proper and dignified manner, including consideration for the needs of bereaved families.

The examination is open to all candidates who have successfully completed a course in Management of the Dead.

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Format of the Examination

The Examination will be conducted in English throughout and will consist of a written examination and a dissertation

Examination Timetable

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Deadline for receipt in the Examinations Office of hard copy application and fee :

29 March 2019 at 5pm

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Due date for submission of
dissertations :

5 September 2019

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Exam written paper

4 October 2019

Examination Fee

Academic year 2019 - 2020

The examination entry fee is


The re-entry fee for the written paper is


The re-entry fee for the dissertation is


Examination Guidelines

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A guide to the Diploma in Management of the Dead incorporating the regulations,
syllabus and the examination

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Policy for candidates seeking special examination arrangements

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Application Forms

Examination Entry Form A

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Special examination
arrangement Form C

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Examination re-entry Form B

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Pass list

2017 Pass List

2018 Pass List

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