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At the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences we gather feedback from students.

We strive to make all students feel valued, have a positive experience while learning and impact on their professional life and development.

We prepared a number of responses to students’ comments (see below). Please feel free to contact us by using the contact form if you have any questions or comments regarding this page.


(AFMS should) provide lecture notes before the lecture to enable preparation?

We may not always be able to provide handouts to students before the lecture. Students should however carry out background searches to prepare themselves for the lecture if handouts are not available at the time. At times, lecturers choose not to share slides with students to encourage more communication and discussion in the classroom.

A copy of all handouts from last year’s course will be provided to students to allow some preparation for lectures, however students should be aware that the content of presentations may slightly change year-on-year.

I had problems with sound and occasionally a complete failure of the lecture to transmit

We are currently working to improve the Skype connection between the lectures and the students. New audio-visual high definition (HD) camera will be in place for the academic year 2016/17, this will improve visibility and audio quality.

Lecturers will also be asked to speak louder when possible to improve the audio, the recorder will be also positioned nearer to the speaker.

Since I could not participate in the live lectures, I would have appreciated it however if you recorded the lecture showing the lecturer as well as the lecture is given. Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine what the lecturer is referring to when, for ins

It is not always possible to record the lecturer as well as the slides due to the positioning of the camera, as well as the size of the lecture theatre. We encourage students to always have handouts or a note-pad ready to make notes. We will always provide additional resources if student is not clear as to what was discussed during the lecture and we will be happy to ask lecturers any questions at any time during the course.

I felt that there was some incongruence with the lecture and the essay question, many seemed to be asking for information that were not discussed as much in the lectures, and many of the matters which were discussed at length in the lectures were not aske

Not all information relating to the topic of the lecture will be discussed at length by the lecturers. AFMS will provide additional resources as well as ask lecturers to include a reading list for their subject. This will allow students to research the topic broadly and learn further information.

The format of the handouts was not very printer friendly ?

Lecturers will be encouraged to set slides on white backgrounds to improve the viewing quality for all students. Handouts will also be provided to students in two formats – 1 slide/page and 6 slides/page to allow students to choose if they wish to save on printing costs and time.

Not all lecture handouts were available to view ?

Presentation slides used by the lecturers may vary from the slides on the course website, this may due to sensitivity of materials on the slides belonging to ongoing cases. However, corresponding information relating to these materials would be easily accessible within the recommended course reference books or online.

Instructions on how to complete online assignments is not clear ?

This has now been edited and clearer instructions will be provided to all students.

Students should have access to journal articles when studying at AFMS ?

It is not always possible for AFMS to share access to journals with the students. Students are however encouraged to send an enquiry email to the Admin office with the title of the article and names of authors and Staff will in most cases be able to send a copy of the full article back to the student. Many articles are easily accessible online.

AFMS is also in the process of obtaining wide ranging access to different article-databases which should be completed by the end of the year.

Will I need to follow the live-stream of lectures at the time or will I be able to watch the recordings later ?

The live stream of lectures is not compulsory for students to participate at the time of the event. It is however an add-on to their programme. Recordings from each lecture will be posted on the secure site for students to watch at their leisure.

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