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Refund policy

Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences Policy on Refunds for students who withdraw, suspend or discontinue their studies.

Effective from Academic Session 2010 – 11

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on when refunds of tuition fees will be made by the Academy and how they will be calculated. This policy relates to the portion of the tuition fee that is paid directly by the student or by a private sponsor.

Any refund of tuition fees and or reduction in tuition fee liability is at the discretion of the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences.

In all cases, any other debt owing to the Academy will be subtracted from any refund of fees.

The calculation of any refund which may be due will be based on personal contributions that have been paid for tuition fees less the fee liability. Academy will apply the following rules when calculating fee liability for students who are withdrawn from their course:

Withdrawal date Fee liability
Before the start of the course Full refund
From the start of the course up to and including 13 weeks 40% refund
Thereafter No refund

In the case of students who have left their programme of study refunds will only be made when the Academy’s student withdrawal procedure has been correctly followed.

Retrospective or backdated withdrawals will be verified against Academy’s attendance records. If this is not possible the date of withdrawal will be taken as the date that the notification of withdrawal is received by the Registry.

Where tuition fees are wholly or partially paid by a third party, the refund rules will be superseded by any relevant arrangement agreed by the Academy, concerning the student and the third party.

All refunds will only be made to the bank and account holder (or other financial institution) that originally paid the fee. Refunds are not made in cash.

Where a student undertakes an approved temporary suspension of their studies, tuition fees already paid will not normally be refunded but retained until studies are resumed or permanent withdrawal occurs. Students who suspend their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees which may be due at the point of suspension.

Consideration may be given to making refunds to students who have to withdraw due to exceptional mitigating circumstances. The Academy shall consider each case on merit. Such cases must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Academy. Cases based on serious medical problems or bereavement are usually accepted, but academic and financial difficulties are not normally regarded as acceptable reasons for any refund or reduction in fee liability.

Complaints about refund decisions or the refund process should be put in writing and addressed to the Registrar.

Payment of refunds

All refunds will be paid back as follows:
Original payment method Paid back by
Cheque from student BACS or Cheque to student bank account
Cheque from other sponsor BACS or Cheque to original sponsor bank account
Bank transfer BACS or Cheque to bank account used for original payment
Direct debit BACS or Cheque to bank account used for original payment
Bank draft BACS or Cheque to student or sponsor bank account
Cash (cash payments are not accepted for tuition fee payments). Where cash is accepted for other types of payment refunds will be made by BACS to the original payee bank account

Further Information

If you require any further information regarding tuition fee refunds please e-mail the Academy on info@afms.org.uk. To help us deal with your enquiry please quote your student number in your e-mail.

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