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Library regulations


a) The term ‘library’ covers the whole collections of books, journals and other items being stored at the Academy office, 117 Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6AA UK

b) The regulations will be prominently displayed in the library and on the AFMS’ website

c) The library staff are empowered to enforce these regulations


a) Membership of the library is granted to the following:

i) All staff and students of QMUL

ii) All registered students with AFMS

iii) Persons attending approved courses organised by the AFMS

iv)External users (pathologists, forensic experts etc.)

v) Other persons

vi) Approved members of the general public

b)Membership of the library or use of its facilities implies an undertaking to observe these regulations.


a) No items may be removed or borrowed from the library.


a) A quiet environment must be preserved in all reading areas of the library.

i) Loud conversation is forbidden throughout the library.

ii) Quiet, brief conversation is permitted in areas of the office

iii) Talking on mobile phones is prohibited in the lab area of the library, such devices must be switched to silent upon entering the library. Text messaging is permitted anywhere in the library.

iv) The use of personal audio-visual communication or entertainment equipment (e.g. mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, personal radios, cassette or CD players, etc.) is permitted in the library. Users are required to use personal headsets and should ensure that no audible notes emanates from the device. Should complaints be received, library staff will require that the device be switched off.

v) Laptops and other portable computers are permitted in all areas or the library provided that they are quiet in operations. Users of such equipment may be required to work in specified areas or to stop using a computer if it constitutes a distraction to other readers.

b) Before using the library facilities, all users must sign their name in the register provided and give such additional details as are requested. Photographic identification may be required before entry is permitted to the library.

c) The consumption of food forbidden in the main area of the library. Caution should be taken whilst drinking coffee, tea, bottled water etc.

d)Smoking is prohibited in any part of the library.

e) Users must not deliberately mis-shelve or otherwise conceal materials. This constitutes an offence and renders the perpetrator liable to fine or disciplinary action.

f) Bottles of ink, correction fluid and other potentially damaging substances must not be taken into the library.

g)Care must be taken of all library materials. Users must not mark, annotate or otherwise damage library materials. Users will be expected to reimburse the AFMS for the cost of any damaged caused to library materials, whether intentionally, recklessly or negligently. Damage to library materials (including annotation and marking) must be reported.

h) Belongings left on tables, benches and chairs for more than 30 minutes may be removed by library staff for safe keeping. Library accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal items lost or stolen or left at the AFMS’ premises.

i)The library accepts no responsibility for items left on library premises.

j) Library staff has the right to search bags brought to the library. All users leaving the building may be asked to open their cases, bags etc. for the purpose of inspection.

k) Any disorderly or improper conduct or contravention of library regulations will render the person(s) responsible liable to a fine and/or suspension from the use of the library.

l) Users must not lean on books or press the pages.

m)All photocopying and scanning must be carried out with great care. The use of cameras is strictly prohibited in the library

n) You may not reserve reading places.

o) Library staff are empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of reader or library staff or to the preservation of the collections.


a) Disciplinary matters will be enforced in accordance with AFMS’ Code of practice approved by the Academy Advisory Board.

b) In addition to the above regulations, attention is drawn to the following Acts of Parliament, the provisions of which represent particular obligation to users of the library: Data Protection Act, 1998; Computer misuse Act, 1990 and current copyright legislation which applies to print and electronic materials.

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