Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence Training

The programme is intended to cover the requirements for the Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence. Below are itemised the various elements of the training programme and, as can be seen, it is varied and intensive. The Academy is continually striving to meet the training and other educational needs of our doctors and we welcome feedback, good and not so good, to assist us in assuring that we provide the best possible teaching experience. Furthermore, if any doctors have any special requirements in terms of topics which they would like us to focus on, then of course we would be pleased to do our best to accommodate their needs. It is expected that all doctors attached to our Unit will have had a least three years experience in autopsy practice within a recognised forensic pathology department in the country in which they practise.

Post-mortem attendance

Guidance with case books and examination

Course attendance and other classroom activities

AFMS run three major courses annually which cover a wide scope of topics in the forensic medical sciences. These are:

  1. The Diploma course in Forensic Medical Sciences
  2. The Diploma course in Forensic Human Identification
  3. The Diploma course in Management of the Dead

Regular presentation of cases at Mortality meetings

Attachments to other departments/specialties

Trainees will be attached on a rota basis to a number of other specialists to increase the depth of their knowledge in a number of key areas. These are as follows:


Candidates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the practical application of all forms of medico-legal expertise as follows:

Candidates will be expected to have a theoretical knowledge of legal principles applicable to pathologists working the United Kingdom.

This includes an understanding of the United Kingdom medico-legal systems in so far as they cover instructions to pathologists, and the role of the General Medical Council.

Candidates will also be expected to have some understanding of the Code of Practice and Performance Standards for Forensic Pathologists, published by the Home Office and Royal College of Pathologists.

Candidates will be expected to have an understanding of Health and Safety procedures and their impact on mortuaries and on other personnel attending autopsies.

Candidates will be expected to have an understanding of the legal principles applicable to pathologists in the United Kingdom, including the principles relating to the retention of tissue at autopsy.

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